Hello Darling How-To: Building Your Color Palette

So, you just got engaged. Congratulations!!!  Immediately the questions start coming.  How did he propose?  When are you getting married?  Where will the wedding take place?  What are you doing for flowers, linens, invitations, bridesmaid dresses?

You decide to come up with a plan because the floundering is getting to you, the details are mounting and the fact is that you never had a magic number, you didn't specifically envision your big day beyond "I do", your bridesmaids all have favorite colors and none of them are yours, and you haven't kept a secret file of all the dream details in waiting (or at least you're pretending not to have "the" wedding file hiding marked "Honey Do")

The nitty gritty should be pretty pretty so let's get down to the fun!  Creating your personal wedding color palette will allow everything else to drop into place.  This helpful how-to will get you rolling in the right direction to stress-free planning.

1. Wedding Date
Once you've chosen your wedding date you have nailed your season.  You can be lead by the traditional seasonal styles and inspirations or create your own custom look, leaving the classic rules in the dust. Follow your heart and take outside opinions as just that, opinions. You know how you want this to go down in the book. (ie: my 7/7/7 wedding was not about the season, but about luck.  I built my day around Irish traditions, family inspirations, and a lot of love.  It was personal, memorable and irreplacably mine. You can read/see the details here and here via Style Me Pretty)
2. Venue
So you finally found the right location and now you can prime your canvas for future layers.  Start to take great notes. Photograph your ceremony and reception locations: pews, altars, chairs, linens, chargers, etc. This will help as you decide what you'll be keeping and what you'll be bringing in from outside rentals. Print these out, create a style board via Dessy, cut and paste by computer or by hand, or whatever floats your boat.  Just keep in mind that this is what you'll be using to build your ideas and you'll want it to be easy to find, see, explain, lay swatches onto, etc.
3. Processing and Organizing
Once you have the details in front of you, give your self time to really let them sink in.  (Note: This may be a good time to belly up and test a signature cocktail option or two with your gal pals.)  Write down all your thoughts, favorites, questions, options.  As I like to say, eventually the good ideas float to the top and the others will  fade away.  You'll find your favorite aspects of your venue to highlight and others that you'd like to leave unnoticed.  Bring out what you love and don't fight what you don't.  Hopefully, the venue you picked will already reflect your style.
Customized Wedding Organizer Binders by Zazzle!!
4. Color Time
There are so many great sources for color but I think keeping it simple is a great way to start.  If you're a hands-on person stop by a local paper store and pull out sheets of color that you like.  Lay them out on your venue photos and see what pops out at you.  Pick a main color or two and then build as your intuition tells you to.  You can also go online as there are a bundle of options like this fun Pantone tool built in to Dessy's site.  Keep in mind that some colors won't be matched in nature and are best brought in through the use of containers, dresses, chairs, linens, napkins, and other accents with ribbon, paper, and lighting. 
5. Putting Plans to Action
Once you have a pretty good idea of what you're going for move on to bridesmaid dresses, then flowers, and other decor essentials.  Before you know it, your wedding is coming to life before your very eyes.  Whether you plan to hire a planner to help with the rest of the details or not, creating a wedding that's all you has to start with your inspirations. 
Now you can answer all those pesky wedding questions with a smile knowing that you know more than they do.

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